It is arguably young families and pensioners who find it the hardest to get together enough money for holidays. Free places to visit are always welcome and this list is put together to give people an idea of the things that they can do and see for free on the Isle of Wight.

Do please send us your suggestions if you have enjoyed a particular free activity or interesting place on the Isle of Wight..


paddling pool VentnorOnce you are at a beach, your day out can be inexpensive or indeed free (if you can resist the ice creams and amusements).

Ventnor Beach is one of several good seaside locations for families with young children. The beach is predominantly sandy with a touch of shingle - it is a place where children can play at building sand castles. The sea soon become quite deep and it is recommended that parents paddle with their children or use the paddling pool. The beaches at Ryde and Appley are better for young children who want to be in the water since the sand shelves very slowly presenting much less of an incline.

There is a large paddling pool opposite the harbour in Ventnor, something that children also enjoy. In the gardens above the harbour is a nice little play park with a couple of climbing frames and play equipment.

On larger beaches or in the parks, it is possible to play rounders, football and other group games as long as you take the play equipment you will need with you.

Take a picnic and drinks with you to save spending money at the cafes and restaurants. This way costs can be kept to a minimum. Remember that flasks can be used to keep drinks very cold as well as hot.

Take a picnic blanket to sit on and a windbreak if you want one. Hiring deckchairs and windbreaks can add several pounds to your daily costs. Consider how you can carry a large amount of beach paraphernalia down to the beach from one of the car parks because it is usually a fair walk from the nearest car park. A buggy or wheeled collapsible box trolley are very useful for transporting beach equipment and picnics.


days in the countryside

The countryside in the Isle of Wight is quite beautiful. People who enjoy walking don't need any props to make the walk more interesting, children on the other hand can become easily bored unless there is a focus or purpose for the walk.

Again, preparation is key. Armed with tick sheets where children can tick if they spot various types of birds, trees or wild flowers, the challenge makes to exercise worthwhile.

The white chalk cliffs of the north west of Wight are interesting. All around the cliffs are bits of chalk that have broken off that children can use to draw with. This is a good opportunity to learn about the origins of the chalk and the grasslands they support.

Highland Cattle on the Isle of WightThe Highland cattle on the Isle of Wight may be a surprise to may visitors. These have been introduced to help with conservation. the cattle are hardy and essentially bulldoze and eat their way using their horns through bracken, gorse, brambles allowing space for natural grassland to regenerate.

This photograph was taken opposite the Garlic Farm on Arreton Down. Other cattle can be found on Mottistone Down.

Other suggested themes for walks in the countryside are farming, conservation and wildlife. The parents may also discover that they improve their own education.


flying kitesKites should be purchased or made before your arrival. There are lots of open areas suitable for flying kites. Once you have a kite, it is a free activity albeit dependent on wind. As an island, the Isle of Wight is subject to a fair amount of wind so that the chances of being able to fly a kite are pretty good.



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